The plant-based food I’ve been eating this week 2

Here’s a peek into the plant-based food I’ve been eating this week as I’m often asked what I eat, so here’s a glimpse into my lunches and a dinner.

I batch made a big pot of vegetable soup on Sunday. It was bursting with a range of whole food, plant-based ingredients including onions, celery, carrots, leeks, spring greens and butter beans. I had a lovely big steaming hot bowl on Sunday, gave some of it to my parents and left the rest to cool so I could put into the fridge to eat for lunch during the week.

Big pot of vegetable soup

Talking of lunch…

I also batch made four portions of salad to eat for lunch during the week. Not everyone likes salad, but I love the freshness and the crunchy textures of the salads I make. This week I had spinach, rocket, spring onions, red peppers, cress, celery and baby tomatoes. Just before I eat it, I always grind a little black pepper over it with a squeeze of lemon juice.

To keep my salads fresh, I use two sheets of kitchen roll in the bottom of the container to absorb any excess moisture. It works a treat and keeps it fresh and crispy.

My batch salads

What about dinner?

Monday night I had one of my classic stir frys with brown rice and on Wednesday I made a creamy pea risotto and topped it with roasted baby tomatoes and spring onions. Green beans with sliced garlic finished it off perfectly.

Pea risotto

How about breakfast?

For breakfast, now that it’s getting colder, I have porridge every morning, sometimes with blueberries, sometimes just as it comes. I love my oats and they help me to get my day off to a great start!

Now onto snacks. I usually eat fruit mid-morning with a few Brazil nuts to keep me going until lunchtime. Fruit and veg are full of fibre and when they’re washed down with still water and herbal tea, I feel very full with little room for anything else.

So there you go! A glimpse into what I’ve eaten this week.

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