Candy Bars

I’m going to share with you 11 surprising ways why you’re not losing weight even though you think you’re doing everything you possibly can to drop those extra pounds.

Candy Bars

Each of these actions has been proven to cause weight gain. (To read more about each one just click on the link to be taken to the relevant research.) If you stop doing them you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose weight just as quickly as you’ve put it on.

So if you’re feeling despondent that no matter what you’ve tried and you just can’t lose weight and your usual clothes are now feeling tighter than usual then stop doing these  things and you’ll notice a massive difference in your weight and how you feel. Even your energy will improve and your aches and pains will begin to ease.

Here’s what to do if you don’t want to lose weight. If you do want to lose weight then do the opposite!

So, Start Losing Weight Today. Stop Doing These 11 Things:

  1. Eat processed food for every meal and make chicken, fish and red meat the focus of every meal –
  2. Cut out all fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds
  3. Eat dairy and drink milk every day –
  4. Eat as much sugar as you want –
  5. Sleep for only 1-6 hours a night –
  6. Make sure that at every meal time your plate is 90% full of beige or brown coloured food –
  7. Use as much oil as you can in your cooking –
  8. Eat your food as quickly as you can –
  9. Sit on the couch every night when you get home from work and watch TV –
  10. Have a glass of wine every night that turns into two or three –
  11. Eat while you’re watching TV, at the movies or at a game – baseball, basketball, football etc. Stop listening to your body. When it says it’s full keep eating. Don’t be mindful!

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