Plant-Based Sushi Roll

How about something a bit different for dinner tonight – Plant-Based Sushi Roll? It’s deceptively easy to make, and is deliciously filling. It’s also great for lunch or as a starter, and when served with pickled ginger, wasabi and a dipping sauce, it becomes more of an event than simply having lunch or dinner.

There are many different kinds of sushi that you can make, this one has the sea vegetable nori on the outside, others have it on the inside with the rice on the outside and coated with sesame seeds. You can make it with a whole variety of fillings, in these ones I’ve used more traditional fillings such as red pepper, cucumber and avocado.

Cooking the sushi brown rice is the longest part of this recipe as you generally have to rinse, then soak it for an hour, before cooking for it 40 minutes, then you leave it stand for 10 minutes, so the key is to plan when you want to make the sushi. I soaked it in the morning and then cooked it while I was going other things, so when it came time to make it, it was already done.

I’ve used the sea vegetable, nori, in this recipe, which is typical when you’re making a sushi roll. It’s packed with nutrients and as Dr Greger says:

“Sea vegetables have phytonutrients found nowhere else, special types of fibre, and unique carotenoids and polysaccharides, and various polyphenol defence compounds, each of which may have anti-cancer properties.” He goes on to say: “Nori may favourably alter estrogen metabolism by modulating women’s gut flora, resulting in decreased breast cancer risk.”

It not only tastes good, it’s brilliant for you. What more can you ask?

If you can’t find the nori, or the brown sushi rice, try your local health food store, whole food shop or the bigger supermarkets. They’re surprisingly easy to find. If all else fails, Amazon also sells them.

Depending upon your appetite, I’d suggest four to six rolls per person as a serving guide.

I hope you enjoy my nutritious and delicious new recipe for Plant-Based Sushi Roll as much as I do! Let me know below what you think of it.

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