Continuing my weekly series of posting my plant-based lunches, this week I mixed it up a bit with homemade tomato soup, homemade lentil soup, sandwiches and salads. I liked one of my lunches I had the same lunch three days running!

I hope my plant-based lunches inspire and motivate you to switch to a whole food, plant-based way of eating, It’s super simple, and as you can see there’s lots of delicious, filling food to keep you powered up throughout the afternoon.

Most of my lunches are batched on a Sunday – especially the soups and the salads, so I can literally grab and go in the morning. I tend to heat my soup and put it into a flask to take with me, but it only takes about five minutes at the most, so it’s no big deal.

10th-october-2016On Monday it was a packed lunch, so I made some homemade lentil soup, with a mixed leaf salad, some of and a sandwich with homemade olive tapenade. It was a gorgeous autumn day so I had my lunch sitting by a pond with swans and ducks. A lovely way to refresh my batteries.







11th-oct-2016Tuesday saw me outside again for lunch. I enjoyed my lunch yesterday so much I had the same again today! Homemade lentil soup with a mixed salad, olive tapenade sandwiches and a banana.





12th-october-2016Wednesday and it was lunch in the office… homemade lentil soup, hummus on whole grain bread, a mixed salad and a couple of Cox’s apples. Delish!







13th October

Thursday and it was whole grain bread with homemade hummus, super sprouts and homemade pickled beetroot, green olives and mixed leaves with homemade tomato soup.











It’s Friday! I had homemade tomato soup left over from yesterday with fresh basil leaves, with two slices of whole grain bread; one slice with homemade hummus, red onions and sprouted seeds. The other slice was mashed avocado and pickled beetroot, topped off with some freshly ground black pepper.


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