My Plant-Based Christmas Day Lunch Menu

This year Christmas is going to be very different for many of us. 2020 has been unlike any year we’ve ever experienced and that also means that Christmas lunch will be very different too. We may not be surrounded physically with friends and family, but they’ll be with us in our hearts and often electronically via Facetime, Zoom, Google Chat etc.

We’re going to be keeping it simple this year with just the two of us, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be cooking delicious plant-based food for us to enjoy.

My plant-based Christmas day lunch menu will tickle your taste buds and help you to celebrate in style. You’re going to feel comfortably full and nourished after your Christmas day lunch this year, not bloated and tired.

Let’s get started!

For starters, I’d suggest a plant-based French onion soup. A delicious, richly flavoured soup that’s easy to make at home. It’s a delicious starter for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, so much so that I’ve made it for every Christmas lunch starter over the last couple of years. Double it up and you’ll have enough for the following day when it’s even better with some crusty, warm bread just out of the oven.

Onion soup
Onion Soup

So, what’s for the plant-based main?

For your Christmas day lunch main course you’re going to be spoilt for choice! What do you feel like… a plant-based nut roast, plant-based tomato and black olive tart or a plant-based pie? There are so many super tasting mains to choose from. Here are three to choose from.

First up is my Plant-Based Nut Roast. I made it in a rush on New Year’s Day morning to take to my mum’s for dinner, so I just made it with the ingredients I had to hand. It turned out to be very tasty! Everyone who had it loved it. I hope you love it too!

Plant-based nut roast

I love my tomato and black olive tarts, so much so that I make them regularly for my Sunday lunches! Then there’s my mean Plant-Based Cranberry and Onion Tart with fresh rosemary It’s my go to when I have friends round for a special occasion.

Plant-Based Tomato and Black Olive Tart with fresh basil and pine nuts

This Plant-Based Tasty Lentil Pie is bursting with flavour. It’s filling and satisfying and is a very tasty Christmas day lunch main course. Be careful with the spice as it’s very easy to make it too hot for some members of the family who aren’t used to lots of hot spices.

Now for your plant-based vegetables

I love roasted veg, especially roasted broccoli and cauliflower with crushed coriander seeds and a liberal amount of garlic. My personal favourite! The flavours are so intense. It’s utterly delicious!

Roast cauliflower and broccoli

Now, how about a plant-based gravy? I originally made this Plant-Based Onion Gravy to go over falafel I made. It was a bit of a strange combination, but it worked! It also goes very well with the nut roast I mentioned above.

What about cranberry sauce?

Now, it wouldn’t be a Christmas day lunch without cranberry sauce would it? This one is a delicious Plant-Based Cranberry Sauce that you can use as the base for my Plant-Based Cranberry and Onion Tart with fresh rosemary, or serve it with my nut roast.

Plant-Based Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Plant-based dessert anyone?

How do you fancy a super tasty Plant-Based Tropical Fruit Salad as a refreshing and sweet finish to your Christmas day lunch? If you are, then you’ve found it! This Plant-Based Tropical Fruit Salad is bursting with flavours from the tropics including oranges, pineapple, banana and coconut with a sprinkling of seasonal dried cranberries for good measure.


So there you have a perfect plant-based Christmas day lunch menu that will leave you feeling nourished, satisfied and with leftovers for the next day. What more could you ask for!

Thanks for sharing my plant-based Christmas day lunch menu with your friends and family – I appreciate it!