My October Plant-Based Lunches – Week 4… Well, it’s the last week of October already and I don’t know about you, but I think that was a super quick month. The clocks go back here this Sunday, which means it’s going to be getting dark roundabout 4pm. While I appreciate all the seasons and the delicious bounty that they bring, I do prefer the lighter nights, darkness starting to fall at 4pm is just a bit too much for me!

So, what have I been eating this week? Well, as usual I batched my lunches on Sunday, so I have made a big pot of soup and salads for three days.  Take a peek below to see what I’ve been conjuring up for my plant-based lunches this week….

My significant other loves lentil soup, so at his request I made a big pot of lentil. He usually prefers a smooth soup, whereas for lentil, I prefer a chunkier soup, so this time around I made chunky. Next time, it’ll be smooth.

Lunch on Monday was the delicious soup and a luscious green salad, topped with avocado and tomatoes. It was super filling and kept me feeling full all afternoon.


I was out and about on Tuesday, so I made up a flask of steaming soup in the morning and had it with my salad and whole grain bread. It kept me powered up all afternoon.


Wednesday and I was out and about again. This time with a lovely view of swans with their rather grown up cygnets. Wednesday lunch was a flask of soup, a green salad and some sauerkraut, with whole grain bread.



I was working from home on Thursday so I made some spicy hummus and a mixed salad packed with lots of my favourites including Kalamata olives, avocados, sun blush tomatoes, toasted walnuts and super sprouts.


Friday was homemade tomato soup with homemade spicy bean pate, sun blush tomatoes, green salad and sauerkraut.


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