My October Plant-Based Lunches – Week 3… Alrighty, it’s the third week of October and we’re experiencing an uncannily warm autumn. Yes, the leaves are turning to magnificent ambers and scarlets, but there’s not a chill in the air…yet. I’m continuing to enjoy eating the amazing harvest that this time of year brings… Russet and Cox apples, squash, pumpkin, leeks and potatoes, hence the soup this week being…. leek, potato and onion.

I’ve made a huge pot so it’s going to last me for at least three days, so that’s Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday more or less taken care of. Thursday and Friday, well you’ll see below what tickled my taste buds on those days!

I hope my plant-based lunches inspire and motivate you to switch to a whole food, plant-based way of eating, It’s super simple, and as you can see there’s lots of delicious, filling food to keep you powered up throughout the afternoon.

Monday, 17th and it was my taste bud tickling leek, potato and onion soup, with a mixed salad, whole grain bread and fruit.


Tuesday 18th October and it’s the same as yesterday! Homemade hummus with homemade leek, potato and onion soup18th-october-2016

It’s hump day! Today, it’s the same as yesterday. Remember, I did  make a huge batch of leek, potato and onion soup so it has to be eaten! 🙂


Thursday and it was pitta bread stuffed with mashed avocado, spicy salsa and mixed leaves, with a large dollop of sauerkraut and a Russet apple.


It’s Friday! The parsnips were reduced in my local food store so I bought lots and made a big pot of Parsnip and lemongrass soup. I had it with sauerkraut, mixed leaves, sun blush tomatoes and I rustled up a quick wild rice salad with squash and toasted mixed seeds.


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