My November Plant-Based Lunches – Wk 2 and it’s a cold start to the week with a hard frost that’s left everything twinkling when the sun catches it. The patterns of frost on the car are particularly spectacular, as are the cobwebs between the plants in the garden. I hope the spiders are tucked up somewhere warm!

As a result of the hard frost Monday turns out to be a brilliantly sunny day, well, sunny for the few hours of daylight we have. I’m out and about for most of this week so I’ve batched my lunches – I made a big pot of leek, potato and onion soup with my niece on Sunday, as well as my salads for the week and a big batch of homemade hummus.

We also batched some veggie chilli and pasta sauce so she could take them back to her student flat to have for dinner during the week.

So, kicking off the week I have the homemade hummus on whole grain bread, leek, potato and onion soup, and a delicious salad with nuts, seeds and beetroot. It’s wonderfully satisfying, not to mention warming!

Lunch on 7-nov-2016

Tuesday and  I took advantage of the lovely day to have my lunch outside. I heated my soup up at home and poured it into a flask, so lunch was my warming, nourishing leek, potato and onion soup, mixed salad with nuts and seeds, homemade hummus on whole grain bread and a golden delicious apple.

Lunch on 8-nov-2016

Wednesday, and I pretty much had exactly the same as I did on Tuesday. Was it a bit boring having the same thing again? Absolutely not. It was as delicious today as it was on Monday. Plus, I added some Kalamata olives to my hummus today  – oh what it’s like living on the edge!

lunch on 9-nov-2016

Thursday and it’s carrot soup. I made some on Wednesday night as I’d finished my leek, potato and onion soup. I added the kalamata olives to my hummus again today as it was so delicious yesterday.

It’s Friday! I was working from home today so I made myself a pitta bread filled with homemade falafel, mashed avocado and salsa with a salad packed with goodness, oh and some sauerkraut.

lunch on 11-nov-2016

And that was My November Plant-Based Lunches – Wk 2. I’d love to hear from you… what did you have for your lunches this week? Let me know below in the comments section.

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