My journey and how it can help you

This week’s update is a little different as I thought I’d tell you a bit about my plant based journey and how it can help you.

I know exactly what it’s like when you’ve decided to follow a healthier eating lifestyle but you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information and choices that are out there.

Well, I’m here to help you to navigate through the plant based maze so you can create amazing plant based meals for you and your family, lose weight if you want to, maintain a healthy weight, become healthier, look and feel amazing and have more energy.

The start of my journey

I started on my healthy eating journey over 30 years ago when I developed chronic eczema.

It was all over my face, hands, eyelids and neck. As a teenager no one would give me a Saturday job and I was referred to the hospital and packed off with steroid creams, and emollients to make my skin better. Nothing helped.

By chance, I picked up a book that changed the course of my life, it was called: Superfoods by Michael Van Straten and Barbara Griggs.Superfood by Michael Van Straten and Barbara Griggs

They said that eating certain foods could make skin diseases such as eczema worse. So I promptly followed their advice and my eczema cleared up. When I started to eat those foods again, guess what? My eczema returned as red, weepy and sore as it had been.

There was only one problem with my new way of eating, everyone said that I’d miss out on important nutrients. Where would I get my calcium, protein and iron? I’d get ill eating like this. I’d waste away.

Well, I can tell you that none of that happened. 30 years on, I’m fitter, stronger and healthier today than I’ve ever been.

But it turns out that this way of eating isn’t just great for people like me who suffer from skin diseases, there’s now lots of research that shows it’s great for people who suffer from typical western lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

So what is this way of eating?

Well, it’ll come as no surprise to you to learn that it’s all about eating a whole food, plant based diet, similar to a vegan diet.

I bet you’re now thinking it’s OK for her, she’s been eating like this for years.

I’m guessing here, but I bet you’re either thinking:

“I’m just starting out and I don’t know where to start.” 


“I’m trying to follow a whole food, plant based diet, but it’s hard and I keep running out of ideas. What am I going to cook for dinner tonight? What am I going to have for lunch?”  

I know exactly what that feels like. I was there too! 

Are you thinking…

  • I’m getting confused and overwhelmed by information. I don’t know what I should and shouldn’t be eating
  • Or, I’ll never get all my protein, calcium, iron and vitamins eating like this
  • Or, it’ll never fill me up
  • Or, the foods are all bland and taste awful
  • Or, it costs way too much to follow and make plant based meals
  • Or, I already follow a whole food, plant based diet and I’m getting bored eating the same stuff all the time

How I Can Help You

I’m going to show you around this new world of eating whole foods, plant based foods and minimally processed foods and address each one of your concerns.

Let me be your guide to this new and diverse, stimulating and ultimately amazing way of eating and creating delicious plant based meals.

Begin by reading my article on how you can get started.

Wishing you lots of good health and happiness,