Hello, I'm Caroline. Welcome to my whole food, plant based lifestyle!

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Plant-Based Hungarian Goulash with Herb Dumplings
Plant based tasty lentil pie


Welcome! I eat delicious, taste bud tickling whole food, plant-based meals every day and I'm here to share them with you along with whole food, plant-based news and my day to day musings.

It doesn't matter why you're here... it could be that you want to boost your energy, feel the best you've ever felt, recover from illness or to finally reach your personal and wellness goals. Whatever the reason, I'm here to help you to get there.

You're going to love eating like this. There are lots of different diets around each one promising something whether it's better health, quick and easy weight loss or both. The problem is they're not eating plans that you can stick to forever, that help the environment, that improve your health and wellbeing and help you to live well for longer. You can with a whole food, plant-based way of eating.

It's all about getting back to cooking and eating wholesome and nutritious food with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits legumes and grains rather than over processed foods, ready meals and fast food.  

Let me show you how to transform yourself with quick, easy to cook recipes, tips and advice.

Plant-Based Vegan Dhal, Roasted Sweet Potato and Toasted Coconut
Speedy Plant-Based Sweet Potato and Bean Burgers
Plant-Based Sushi Roll
Plant Based Bean Salad

Eating more whole, plant based foods will:


Help you to lose weight


Give you more energy

brain health

Help you to sleep better, feel refreshed and be able to think clearly


Build your immunity

Eating whole, plant based foods will help you to:


Reduce the amount of bad oils you consume


Reduce the amount of sugar you eat


Reduce the amount of salt you put on your food


Reduce the amount of milk, cheese, yoghurts you eat/drink

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