Are You Slipping Back Into Your Old Ways?

The transition to following a whole food, plant-based diet can be challenging. Sometimes your enthusiasm at the start begins to wane after a while and you start to think… just one slice of vegan pizza won’t harm me.


I’ll just have a few fries.


Surely just one bite of that chocolate bar/candy will be alright.

Then before you know where you are, BOOM!

One slice of pizza becomes the whole pizza. One bite of the candy bar becomes the whole bar. A few fries becomes ALL of the fries, and your whole food, plant-based diet gets interrupted. Depending on your will power and determination, this might be a small blip, but sometimes it’s the slippery road back to your old eating habits. Maybe, you’ve swapped your old habits for a new habit – vegan junk food.

Is this you? Are you slipping back into your old ways?

It can be hard, but…

I know it can be hard at times. I also know that by the time you get in from work, sometimes you’re just too tired to make something, so on your way home you popped into the shop/store and bought some veggie burgers. Perhaps you don’t even have the energy to cook. You come in, sit down and tuck into a big packet of Oreo biscuits while you’re watching your box set instead of actually making yourself dinner.

Sometimes it’s just easier.

But, you know what? You’ve fallen into the classic position of thinking you’re following a whole food, plant-based diet and the odd cheat now and then won’t harm you, plus it does say on the pack that those burgers are ‘vegan’, so that’s OK.

This is just a wee reminder that eating products marked ‘vegan’ does not make them whole, plant-based foods. It’s the same for vegan cheese, vegan yoghurts, vegan burgers, vegan candies, vegan ______ fill in the blank. (Stay tuned for ‘what’s the difference between a vegan diet and a whole food, plant-based diet.)

A lot of these products are highly processed foods, with a high-fat content, and are low in nutrients. If you’re looking to lose weight by following a whole food, plant-based diet, then be very careful of any foods that are marked ‘Suitable for vegans’.

Most of them are actually made in a science lab.

They don’t grow in the earth, or hang from trees. They’re not nutrient rich whole, plant-based foods that will help you to have more energy, sleep better, lose weight or just feel better. They maybe convenient, but they’re only marginally better than your previous western diet. Batching your meals and freezing some of them so you have your own ready meals when you come in at night tired after a long day is the way to go.

At the end of the day the choice is yours to follow a whole food, plant-based lifestyle so you can eat well, lose weight if that’s what you want to do, and thrive, or you don’t.

You just have to have a bit of determination and perseverance.

Here are a few plant-based recipes for you to try…

Here are a few recipes for you to try when you fancy some of that ‘vegan’ junk food. They’re quick to make and, as usual, you can eat as much of them as you want.

When you fancy a pizza, try one of these three super easy plant-based pizza recipes.

3 Super Easy Plant-Based Pizza Recipes Just For You








If you fancy a burger, try this quick black bean and lentil burger recipe.









Or this one, for plant-based rosemary and nut burger
Plant Based Rosemary & Nut Burger








If you fancy fries, make these amazing sweet potato ones:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c. Line a baking sheet with greaseproof/parchment paper and set aside. Place one sweet potato cut into long thin strips – there’s no need to peel them, onto the baking sheet, making sure they don’t overlap.

Sprinkle generously with your choice of seasoning – fresh rosemary, black pepper, cayenne pepper for instance, and put into the oven for 15 minutes. Remove them from the oven and turn, then pop them back in for another 10 to 15 minutes. Then they’re ready. Just like that!

And if you’re looking for something creamy, try making plant-based guacamole and use it as a dip, as a topping, or as a spread.

5 Exciting Ways with Plant-Based Guacamole







p.s. I should have also included sodas! Coca-Cola, or for that matter any other soda is not a whole, plant-based drink!

Let me know what you think below. Thank you!


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