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It’s Valentine’s Day! If you’re planning on creating a plant based feast of food and an evening filled with excitement and pleasure with your significant other then you must read this.

Researchers have found that certain foods cause a chemical reaction in the body that increases the libido in both males and females. Foods with large levels of zinc and vitamin B complexes are said to elevate testosterone levels and boost sexual desire, and don’t forget the benefits normally associated with eating plant based foods such as lowering your blood pressure, helping with controlling your weight and giving you tonnes more energy.

Read on to find out the 8 Libido Enhancing Plant Based Foods and 2 that positively kill it to eat and avoid for breakfast, lunch and dinner to ensure your evening goes with a bang!

  1. Porridge/Oatmeal– is the perfect way to start your Valentine’s Day. They contain L-arginine, which has been used to treat erectile dysfunction and they’ve been shown to improve blood flow to the clitoris. Forget your sugar packed cereal and start off the way you mean to continue.
  2. Nuts and pumpkin seeds – the perfect mid-morning snack. Walnuts, peanuts and cashews are high in the amino acid arginine which boosts circulation to the genital area.
  3. Kale and broccoli – your lunch should contain these two green veggies as they both pack a high nutritional punch. Kale is full of chlorophyll, which is highly alkaline-forming which in turn has been shown to reduce inflammation and therefore enhance flexibility and range of motion – not to mention endurance. Broccoli is full of vitamin C which helps your blood circulate to your organs. It’s also been associated with improving female libido
  4. Lentils are another lunchtime must as they’re packed with B vitamins that help to regulate the sex organs, which directly correlate with the amount of sex hormone that is released in the body. If you don’t get enough of vitamin B then you may be feeling tired and lacklustre which often means than you spend more time in bed sleeping rather than having fun.
  5. Watermelon and black raspberries – are a perfect mid-afternoon snack. Watermelon contains a phytonutrient called citrulline that the body converts to arginine, an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, this in turn relaxes your blood vessels in the same way a medicine like Viagra does. Black raspberries are full of phytochemicals that enhance your libido and sexual endurance.
  6. Adzuki beans and chick peas with pumpkin seeds should be part of your romantic evening meal as they’re packed with zinc which plays a central role in the creation of hormones and clitoris sensitivity. Zinc also increases your testosterone and curbs production of prolactin, a hormone that can impair sexual function. Zinc also helps to prevent PMS symptoms in women.
  7. Lettuce– serve up iceberg lettuce with your evening meal and not only will it help your waistline but it contains an opiate that helps to activate your sex hormones.
  8. Fabulous Figs – serve five figs each to round off your romantic evening meal as they’re considered excellent stimulants of fertility and enhance the secretion of pheromones.

And here’s two passion killers that you should always stay away from:

  1. Oysters – contrary to popular belief oysters are actually passion killers rather than enhancers. They may be full of zinc but they’re also toxic. Just like any other shellfish they absorb all the toxins and parasites in the ocean which completely outweigh the benefits of zinc.
  2. Processed foods – they’re full of trans fats that wreak havoc on your body. They clog your blood vessels reducing oxygen to sexual organs, and prevent the spleen from producing enough white blood cells, so eggs and sperm have difficulty multiplying.

I hope you have a fantastic evening whatever you’ve got planned.

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