At this time of year it can be very easy to over indulge and make excuses for not eating properly. There are so many temptations at hand and gifts that are just look too good not to eat, so this short blog post shows you Seven Ways to Eat More Fruit Every Day. It’s easy peasy!

1. Eat fruit at breakfast time

I eat porridge every morning for breakfast and topping it with a different fruit each day is a great way to up your fruit intake. Try having it with bananas, peaches, or strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.

2. Eat fruit at lunch time

For lunch, pack a couple of Satsuma’s or tangerines, an apple, banana, or a bunch of grapes to eat with or after your lunch. Try cutting them up into small bite sized pieces so you can pick on them without thinking.

3. Eat fruit at dinner too!

At dinner time, add pineapple chunks to your stir fry, or include orange sections, dried cranberries, pomegranates or grapes in a tossed salad.

4. Eat fruit between your meals

Dried fruits make great snacks. They are easy to carry and store well but they can be high in sugar so eat them sparingly. Fresh fruit is best, so try an apple mid-morning and a banana mid-afternoon to keep your energy levels up.

5. Keep visible reminders

I have a big bowl of fruit sitting out on the table all day so as I pass it I pick up a Satsuma or a few grapes. Keeping fruit right in front/front of mind makes it easier to eat it over some of the naughty’s that are lurking in your cupboards like sweets and biscuits.

6. Eat in season

Fresh fruit tastes better in season when they may also be less expensive. There are lots of different varieties of apples in season right now and yummy pears. Both can be chopped up and added to salads, apples can be stuffed and baked for a delicious dessert or you can poach pears and have them as a starter.

7. Frozen fruits are OK too!

Buy frozen berries or better still buy when they’re in season and freeze your own so you always have them to hand. You can use them in smoothies or defrost them and add them to your porridge in the morning.

One last top tip, keep fruits safe. Rinse fruits before preparing or eating them under clean, running water, rub fruits briskly to remove dirt and surface microorganisms then after rinsing, dry them with a clean towel then eat and savour each mouthful.If you found this post helpful, please take a moment to SHARE this post with people you think will find it valuable. You can use the buttons to share this post with your social networks. Hopefully you will and so I’ll give you a big THANK YOU in anticipation.