I’m often asked what to eat when hunger pangs start and you want a quick fix before your next meal, so here are seven super snacks to eat yourself or serve up when you’ve got friends round. If you’re really keen you can prepare them in advance and put them in a zip-lock plastic freezer bag, brown bag or airtight plastic container and take them to work with you or on your next trip.

1. Fresh fruit – I know it’s an obvious one to have at number one but there’s nothing better. You could try slicing up some apples and pears and sprinkling with some lemon juice or adding a few chilli flakes to give them a kick. At this time of year I love nothing better than a big bowl of crunchy pomegranate seeds with a sliced Russet apple.

2. Raw veggies – yes, another obvious one. Sliced red, green, orange and red peppers are satisfyingly crunchy as well as really refreshing. Or how about carrots and cucumber batons, mange tout, sugar snaps, thinly sliced cauliflower and small broccoli heads.

3. If you’re in the mood for something similar to crisps why don’t you try making your own? It’s super quick. Parsnips, carrots, beetroot and celeriac all taste brilliant as crisps or you can try apples and pears. Just thinly slice them or use a mandolin, pat them dry and then place them on a baking tray that’s lined with grease proof paper and bake at 120 degrees for about an hour, turning half way through.

4. Popcorn – buy the pure corn kernels from the supermarket and pop to your hearts content. You can eat as much as you want. Just don’t buy the ready popped corn with the added fat or flavours. To give your homemade popped corn some flavour try adding some maple syrup, freshly ground black pepper or mix it up with some spices such as chilli or curry powder, cinnamon or smoked paprika with cumin seeds and fennel seeds. Gently toast the seeds first before adding to the popcorn. If you’re feeling fruity add some dried cranberries, raisins or currants.

5. Crackers – as long as they’re oil free. Make up a bowl of some oil free dips such as homemade hummus, chestnut lentil pate, curried carrot dip and you can graze all night.

6. Rice cakes – the Kallo 100% whole grain ones taste yummy. I spread some spicy bean pate on them or homemade hummus.

7. Whole wheat pitta bread or bagels. I know, surprising isn’t it that you can have and eat pitta pockets and bagels. Try spreading some whole grain mustard inside the pitta pocket or slicing and spreading it on the bagel. Add some sprouted seeds and or salad leaves and add some ground black pepper or lemon juice. They’re filling and tasty!