Plant-Based Vegan Dhal, Roasted Sweet Potato and Toasted Coconut
Photograph of Caroline
Mushroom and Butterbean Coconut Plant-Based Vegan Curry
Plant-Based Bean Salad

Hello! My name is Caroline. 

I love eating all types of fruits, grains, legumes and vegetables and I'm here to help you to do the same.

All my recipes are whole food, plant-based, with no added oil or salt, and I only use naturally occurring sugar.

I'm self taught so there's no fancy stuff here, just solid home cooking that's filling and delicious.

I'm here to show you how easy it is to follow a whole food, plant-based diet every single day of the year!

Some of Caroline's favourite whole food, plant-based recipes

Plant-Based Vegan Dhal, Roasted Sweet Potato and Toasted Coconut
Speedy Plant-Based Sweet Potato and Bean Burgers

Eating more whole food, plant based meals will ...

brain health

Help you to lose weight

Give you more energy

Help you to sleep better, feel refreshed and be able to think clearly

Build your immunity

Eating whole food, plant based meals will help you to


Reduce the amount of bad oils you consume

Reduce the amount of sugar you eat

Reduce the amount of salt you put on your food

Reduce the amount of milk, cheese, yoghurts you eat/drink

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